Cross Country 2017

BH-BL Cross Country all time best performances at Saratoga Spa State Park: GIRLS (Updated 08/2018) | BOYS (Updated 5/2018)

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2017 Cross Country Season

NYS XC Championships – Saturday, November 11th
Wayne Central School, 6200 Ontario Center Rd, Ontario, NY 14519
Meet info

Opening Ceremony                8:45am
Race Start            Awards Ceremony
Boys C         9:00am              10:00am Awards
Boys D        9:30am              10:30am Awards
Boys A       10:00am              11:00am Awards
Boys B     10:30am           11:30am Awards               (BH-BL)

Girls C        11:00am               12:00pm Awards
Girls D        11:30am               12:30pm Awards
Girls A       12:00pm                1:00pm Awards
Girls B     12:30pm             1:30pm Awards              (BH-BL)

*Schedule Subject to Change

Section 2 Championships – Friday, November 3rd
Saratoga Spa State Park

An exciting day was in store for BH-BL as the teams warmed up on a fairly warm and muggy day.  The BH Boys were first up after all the other boy’s divisions. There may have been an expected outcome but they left nothing to chance and went out fast and strong, and came out of the woods and down the finish line stretch filling 6 of the first 9 places.  Tyler came blazing in just under the elusive 15 minute mark for the fastest time of the day and the WIN! Aidan crossed about 13 seconds later in 2nd, Evan in 3rd, David 6th and Nick 7th.  Kevin was right there in 9th, with Michael 14th, Dante 19th, Logan 21st and Colin 41st. No other team came close to their 19 points, solidifying their WIN!

The BH Girls’ team waited patiently for their race, the last one of the day, and then hit the course with speed, determination and fearlessness.  Rory led nearly wire to wire to WIN the race! Next in was Emily in 6th and Kristin in 12th and then Monica in 21st, and Madi W and Maddy S crossing together in 23rd and 24th.  Jessica in 33rd, Zoe 36th, Lauren 43rd and Janna 44th all had tremendous races to pull together their team.  It was a close race with Mohonesen pushing hard but BH came out on top by 6 points for the WIN!

Both the BH Boys’ and BH Girls’ XC teams are going to the NYS XC Championships!

Full Results

BH Boys Results

Suburban Council Championships
Saratoga Spa State Park

Part 1 – Wednesday, October 25th

On Wednesday, the JV ‘A’ girls were up first, with the BH team of Anna, Jillian, Lindsey, Caitlin, Maria F and Maria M all putting in tremendous efforts coming in 9th of 12 among the many large and deep Suburban Council schools.  

For the Varsity girls it was Rory across the line first for BH in 11th overall, with Kristin 35th, and Monica 48th, with Lauren 67th, Janna 68th, Zoe 71st and Jessica 75th coming in close to each other for an overall team 8th place finish among 13.

For the JV ‘A’ boys, everyone was in the top third of finishers with Dante crossing the line first for BH in 6th, followed by Colin S in 11th, Logan in 14th, Gabriel in 16th, and Ryan S in 22nd, with Mikhail and Matthew near by in 26th and 31st.  This garnered a 3rd place finish for the team, just 2 points away from 2nd place finisher Guilderland.

Last up, the Varsity Boys were prominently at the front of the pack with Aidan, Tyler, Evan and David crossing in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th place and Nick rounding out the team score in 19th, with Michael and Kevin closing in 25th and 27th.  All tallied up, the BH boys had an outstanding WIN with 32 points!  Congratulations BH Boys!!

Part 2 – Saturday, October 28th

On Saturday, the Modified teams led off the afternoon, with the BH Girls’ team coming in 3rd of 9 and the BH Boys’ 2nd of 12!  What a Fantastic finish to the season!!  The girls’ were led across the line by Loriana in 2nd, Seri in 11th, Mary 19th, Lily 33rd and Ana in 40th.  For the boys’, Matthew R and Nick G crossed in 2nd and 3rd, with Keller in 13th, Alec in 20th and Charlie in 36th. 

The Frosh Girls, with Emily in 4th, Madi W in 8th, Maddy S in 12th, Gwyn 40th (31 pts), Carmela 43th (33 pts), and Lauren in 61st earned an excellent 3rd place finish behind 2 very strong teams. Way to go girls!  The Frosh boys were 4 strong with Jake coming in 9th, Avery 49th, Aaron H 68th and Nathan M right there in 71st.  

There was no BH JV ‘B’ Girls’ team so the The BH JV ‘B’ Boys’ team was next, with Zack 3rd, Ryan L 5th, Willard 7th, Max 12th and Sean 17th combining for  a team 2nd place finish, 5 points behind 1st.  There were lots of great efforts and big PRs by many, including Jayden (29 sec), Alex (148 sec), Jacob (5 sec), Sam (49 sec), Caleb (123 sec) and TJ (178 sec) – wow!

Congratulations to everyone on a great season, and best of luck to all that will be competing in Sectionals!

BH Boys Results

Suburbans Pasta Party  – Friday, October 27th
Ballston Town Hall, Community Room, 5:45-7:15 PM
323 Charlton Rd., Ballston Spa (just west of the intersection with Goode St.)

All Modified, Freshman, JV and Varsity teams are invited to a Pasta Party catered by Augie’s!

Burnt Hills Invitational  – Saturday, October 14th
Saratoga Spa State Park

On a dry day with overcast skies and comfortable temperatures, it was time for the BH Invy!  Thank you to all the parents, family, friends, alumni, and BH community for coming, helping and providing support. We greatly appreciate all that you did to make this day a success.

The first race of the day was Freshman Girls with Lindsey coming in 8th, followed by Carmela, Jillian and Gwynn filling in places within 13th through 20th and Lauren F completing the team in 33rd for an overall 3rd place team finish.

For the BH Freshman Boys, Jake crossed in 7th, with Avery, Aaron, Nathan and Asher coming in 38th to 68th, all contributing to an overall 6th place team finish out of 10.

It was a wonderful to see our BH Modified teams running in our Invy!  The BH Girls’ team, with Mary, Loriana, Seri, Lily and Ana comprising the first 5 BH finishers, earned an excellent 6th place finish out of 21 competitive teams that had only 20 points separating 3rd through 6th.  For the Modified Boys, the largest race of the day with 284 finishers, had Matthew in 3rd, Nick G in 11th, and Keller, Alec and Charlie in 35th, 42nd and 56th for a team placement of 2nd among 25 teams!

In the Boys JV ‘B’ race, it was Sean with the WIN!  Behind him were teammates Willard in 2nd, Ryan L in 3rd and Max in 4th.  Collin B wasn’t far in 14th, with Jack and Nick both coming in the top 25.  Of 8 teams, the JV ‘B’ BH team ended up with the WIN!

There was a lot of competition in the JV Girls’ race, with BH coming in 5th out of 18 and only 6 points away from 4th.  Zoe and Janna were the first BH runners in 16th and 17th, with Jessica right there in 20th, Maria F in 34th and Caitlin in 70th.

In the Boys JV ‘A’ race, all 7 BH runners were in the top 24 of 143 finishers, resulting in a 2nd place team finish out of 17. Dante led the team, coming in 2nd, with Ryan in 6th, Matthew 9th, Logan 11th, and Zack 13th, with Gabe and Colin S right behind.

For the Varsity Girls’, Rory had a great 4th place finish, with Emily next in 14th, Kristin in 19th, Maddy S in 33rd and Monica in 43rd, with Madi W not far back in 56th.  Overall the team came in 3rd place out of 19!

For the Varsity Boys’, it was Tyler and Aidan in 2nd and 3rd, with Evan 7th, David 12th and Kevin 28th, all contributing to a team WIN out of 20 teams!

BH Girls Results  |  BH Boys Results

Full Results

Bethlehem / Niskayuna / Troy @ BH-BL – Tuesday, October 3rd
Saratoga Spa State Park

Thank you to everyone who helped run the meet: Finish line, scoring, course marshals!

BH Girls Results  |  BH Boys Results

McQuaid Invitational (JV/V Girls and Boys) – Saturday, September 30th
Genesee Valley Park, Rochester NY
Cars leave 11:30 AM Friday

We left Burnt Hills in sunshine and met rain clouds approaching Rochester, with rain during the practice run at the park Friday afternoon.  Race day though was mostly cloudy but dry and about 30 degrees cooler than last Saturday – a great day for running!

The JV (Varsity ‘B’) Boys started the day off for BH with Dante coming in 3rd, Ryan S in 6th, Michael in 7th, Mikhail in 9th and Zack in 15th, with Gabe and Sean both in the top 20, all out of 364 runners!  On top of that, the team WON out of 35 teams – Congratulations!!

The Varsity Girls were up next in the AA race.  Of 135 finishers, Rory was 6th, Emily 16th and Kristin 22nd, with Monica in 39th and Maddy S in 60th for a combined team score of 137 and a 3rd place, only 3 points behind 2nd!

For the JV (Varsity B) Girls’, Madi W was FIRST to cross the finish line, with 280 finishers behind her! Not far behind was Lauren in 7th, Anna in 9th, and Jessica in 16th and Zoe and Janna in 41st and 44th.  Of 24 teams, BH Girls’ come out in 2nd place!

The Varsity Boys raced up a division, running right at the end of the meet, and it was well worth the wait!  In a highly competitive field of 127 finishers, Tyler came in 4th, follwed by Evan in 10th, Aidan in 13th, David 24th and Nick 27th. Of 15 teams, BH came out on top with a commanding WIN by 39 points!  On top of that they earned the distinction of being the Fastest Team of the day!!

What an incredible day, with a lot of incredible efforts – way to go BH!!

Race #11: Boys Varsity B (JV)
Race #15: Girls Varsity AA
Race #18: Girls Varsity B (JV)
Race #24: Boys Varsity AAA

BH Girls Results  |  BH Boys Results

BH / Albany / Guilderland at Shen – Wednesday, September 27th
Saratoga Spa State Park

Start of meet has been pushed back to 4:45; Bus will arrive 3:30
Frosh Girls, followed by Frosh Boys, JV/Varsity Girls and JV/Varsity Boys

BH Girls Results  |  BH Boys Results

Baldwinsville Invitational (JV/V Girls and Boys) – Saturday, September 23rd
Durgee Junior High School, Baldwinsville School District, 29 E Oneida St, Baldwinsville, NY 13027   (Map)  ( Meet information )

The trails were dry, and the sky very sunny but increasingly hotter temperatures and more humidity were a bit of a challenge.  Everyone really put in great efforts out there!

The BH JV Girls were led by Jessica in 30th, followed by Janna in 41st, Maria F and Jillian in 46th and 47th, and Gwynn in 62nd for 7th place team finish out of 15 teams.

In the JV Boys’ race it was all BH up front with Mikhail crossing in FIRST with a big PR! and Colin and Michael crossing in 2nd and 3rd, with Zack in 10th, Gabe in 13th and Ryan L, Matthew and Jake all in the top 25.  The team ended up with a big WIN out of 18 teams!

It was really getting steamy when the Varsity teams toed the line.  The BH Girls’ were led by Rory in 9th, Kristin in 14th and Emily in 17th, with Maddy S in 43rd and Monica, Madi W, Anna and Lauren a little further back.  Out of 21 teams, the girls’ team placed really well in 6th.

For the Varsity Boys’, Tyler, David, Evan and Aidan crossed in 2nd through 5th in a 35 second spread.  Kevin brought in the 5th score in 22nd, with Nick and Dante nearby. Of 21 teams, the BH Boys came out with the WIN!

Full ResultsBH Boys Results  |  BH Girls Results

BH / Averill Park / Colonie at Columbia – Tuesday, September 19th
Schodack Island State Park;  Bus 2:35 PM   (Map)

BH Boys Results  |  BH Girls Results

Home Meet: Mohonasen / Saratoga / Shaker at BH – Tuesday, September 12th
Saratoga State Park;  Bus 2:35 PM

Thank you to everyone who helped run the meet: Finish line, scoring, course marshals!

BH Boys Results    |    BH Girls Results

Guilderland Invitational – Saturday, September 9th
Tawasentha Town Park;  Bus 7:15 AM

The first race of the season for most of the JV/Varsity girls.  The Frosh led off though, with Emily B placing 2nd, Maddy S in 6th, Madi W 12th, Carmela 14th and Lindsey 15th for a team 2nd place out of 3 teams. For the Frosh boys Jake was right up near the front crossing in 5th.

In the Girls’ JV race, BH was 2nd of 4 with Anna in 8th, followed by Maria F in 11th, Zoe in 12th, Caitlin in 20th and Maria M in 22nd.  The Boys JV placed 3rd with Ryan S in 10th, followed by Mikhail in 20th, Sean and Gabe in 26th and 27th, and Ryan L, Zack, and Jayden all crossing nearly together in 34th, 35th and 36th.

It was a 3-way race for the Varsity Girls’, with BH placing 3rd as a team, but with Rory placing 1st individually! Way to go Rory!!  Kristin placed 3rd, Monica 11th, and Lauren, Janna and Jessica filling in 16th, 18th and 19th.

The Boys’ had a little more competition and came out with the WIN over 5 other teams.  Tyler crossed first for BH and 2nd overall, with Aidan right there in 3rd, Evan in 4th, David in 5th and Kevin in 10th, with Logan and Dante placing in 18th and 19th.

Full resultsBH Boys Results  |  BH Girls Results

BH / Ballston Spa / Schenectady @ CBA – Tuesday, September 5th
Colonie Town Park (Off Rt 9, 2 miles south of Crescent Bridge over Mohawk); Bus 2:35 PM, back parking lot

An abbreviated meet when storms moved in just before the JV/Varsity girls were to start.

BH Boys Results  |  BH Girls Results

Fonda Invitational – Saturday, September 2nd
Fonda-Fultonville HS;  Bus 7:30

With some frost on the ground in the early morning, it was time for cross-country!  And it sure didn’t take long for it to heat up.  In the JV race, Dante pulled ahead for a repeat win! Congratulations!  Not far behind was Mikhail with a mega PR, with Colin S, Matthew, Sean and Ryan L filling out the top 6 places and Gabe, Zachary, Collin B and Jack all in the top 17.

The Varsity race provided some brotherly competition up front with Tyler coming between them in 2nd place, Evan and Aiden crossing nearly together in 4th and 5th, David close behind in 6th, Logan nearby in 7th and Kevin and Ryan S in 11th and 12th.

A beautiful day with a fantastic start to the season!

Full ResultsBH Boys Results

Meet the Team Night – Thursday, August 31st
Saratoga Spa State Park, 6:00 PM
Stairs/lawn outside Administration Building (backside of the Spa Little Theater)

Come to meet the teams and coaches, and find out more about all that will be taking place this season. Hear about how the BH Track Club supports the team, and please sign-up to volunteer. We will need a lot of help!

Please, turn in any driver forms, spirit wear orders and invy shirt designs.  Your track club dues ($25/season/athlete or $50/year/athlete) are also very much appreciated, particularly at the start of this season.  Checks should be made payable to “Burnt Hills Track Club”.


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